And the Oscar for best deb scalero goes to…


Before going on, we would like to thank you all that participated in this challenge. It’s totally inspiring see how people from many different places around the world share the same motivation, spending time on resolving a small challenge.

It was complicated to choose a winner (you did it really great). Discarding solutions that were based somehow on the distance between rovers (we modified the value of the constant DistanceBetweenRovers to check if rovers still find each other), and some others, we named finalists (by solution arrival order) the following people:

Pablo Francisco Pérez
Daniela Sfregola
Daniel Dehouck

Sebastián Ortega
Florian Mériaux

the very first 3 provided very nice solutions but finally we decided that the winner is …


Daniela Sfregola with a 50 tick/7 lines solution.


Congratulations! Yours is the Scalera t-shirt and our acknowledgement.
Thanks again to the participants. We will shortly be back with new challenges 😉

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