Akka Actors: Best Practices

Actors are components of message-passing systems that are particularly popular these days. They make concurrency a lot easier to understand compared to the traditional thread-monitor-lock model. An actor is a thread-like program that run independently from other actors. It has a mailbox to receive messages from other actors, where each message represents a task to… Continue reading Akka Actors: Best Practices


RESTful now more important than ever.

REST APIs are becoming more and more popular: they allow horizontal scalability, they are flexible to change and easy to use without the need of detailed documentation. However, some APIs claim to be RESTful when they are not. This is mainly for two reasons: - We don’t always have a clear idea of what RESTful means, we just associate… Continue reading RESTful now more important than ever.

Continuous Integration

To Feature Branch or Not to Feature Branch?

Even when working with Agile methodologies and a Continuous Integration pipeline, some developers love feature branching – and they complain a lot when they are forbidden from using it! The arguments in its favour are usually: - "It makes easy to code review" - "I can focus on my task and worry about conflicts later"… Continue reading To Feature Branch or Not to Feature Branch?