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Get Programming with Scala

Exciting news, after 4 years of hard work, my book Get Programming with Scala is finally here!

Get Programming with Scala is published by Manning and available for purchase.

Get Programming with Scala is designed to be your ideal first book on Scala.

The book is aimed at beginners: technical terms are explained, and it only assumes you have some basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming in any language, such as Python, Java, or C#. It will get you up to speed quickly, empowering you to write real-life applications using Scala, and learn the core principles of Functional Programming along the way.

Its bite-sized lessons are full of examples and exercises to verify your understanding and emphasize common pitfalls. Capstone projects at the end of each unit also give you another opportunity to master the concepts introduced throughout the lessons and apply them in a practical and fun way.

A few examples of applications you’ll develop:

  • You’ll play “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!”, which is a variant of the more popular game “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.
  • You’ll analyze a dataset of movies to extract insights from the data, such as which ones are more popular or more profitable
  • You’ll implement a system to manage a book library, handling loans and reservations
  • You’ll generate questions and answers to play quizzes that test your trivia knowledge

The book covers both Scala 2 and Scala 3: when necessary, the differences between the two are analyzed and explained. You’ll also learn how to use some of the most popular open-source Scala libraries, such as http4s, quill, circe, cats-effect, and ScalaTest.

For the table of content, please see Get Programming with Scala‘s page. The companion code for the book is freely available on its GitHub repository.

4 thoughts on “Get Programming with Scala

  1. really good book, I m actually using it as a refresher and I m quick astonished by it, I wish I had it when I started learning scala.
    I struggled a bit to connect to the db at the quill part, then I had some success with
    “`docker run -p -e POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS=–auth-host=md5 … postgres“`
    idk yet if it is a good workaround bcz of mauricio driver or if I misunderstood something on testcontainer for example
    I hope there will be a next book on the “applicative” ! Thank again !


  2. Sorry for the complaint but it was bothering me too much to not ask. Why did the publisher not include any logo scala related on the front cover robots? All the other languages have a twist on the robots e.g. the haskell version has lambdas and python version has pythons etc.


    1. Hi m.h.!

      thanks for your feedback! I’ll ask the publisher, but my best guess would be that maybe they couldn’t use the scala logo due to copyright-related issues? But let’s see what the publisher is going to say 🙂



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